Gutter protection

Protect Your Troughs!

A solution for homes and commercial buildings with existing eavestroughs. This product is simply placed on your homes’ existing eavestroughs regardless of the size, and or material they consist of.

For new gutters…

Through its unique patented design, the T-Rex® continuous hanger system helps to create a unified structure that resists bending or twisting. This product cannot be detached, separated, disengaged or even damaged from inclement weather.


The T-Rex® Continuous HangerTM comes with a lifetime warranty on material and sturdiness. It blocks ice and facilitates drainage while extending the service life of your gutters by making them stronger from end to end.

For new gutters in coniferous areas

Take advantage of the most advanced technology on the gutter market with the Double Pro®. The microfiltration Continuous Hanger™ strikes an ideal balance, offering maximum drainage and debris filtration. The Double Pro® only lets through what should be carried off by the gutter system: fine dust particles, pollen, and (of course) rainwater. As an added bonus, it provides extra support because it runs the entire length of the gutter.

Impressive robustness

The T-rex® secures the eavestrough to your house and makes them 50% stronger than traditional fasteners such as spikes or hangers.
T-rex® system supports 250 lb. per linear foot!

For existing gutters…

Free yourself permanently from the drudgery of cleaning your gutters each and every year. Clogged eavestroughs…no more, ever! Thanks to the cutting-edge Alu-Rex technology, You will even forget about your eavestroughs all together!


Gutter Clean System®, the patented leaf guard from Alu-Rex, protects your eavestroughs against leaf, snow, ice and various debris accumulations. It can be installed on all trough materials (except for PVC), regardless of the width. Gutter Clean System® keeps your troughs in good working condition all year round!

Only leaf guard with a 40-year warranty

Made of premium aluminum, the Gutter Clean SystemTM is robust, rust-resistant and doesn’t chip. No gutter cleaning anymore! A gentle wind of 15 km/h is enough to sweep the debris off the Gutter Clean System® surface.

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